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Doggy Don't!: What To Do If You And Your Pet Are Injured In A Hole

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If you have a dog, there is good chance that they will accompany you on many of your walks. It is a great idea for you to take your dog out to relieve themselves and get some well-needed exercise in the meantime. But the last thing that you will expect is to run into personal injury issues while on a leisurely walk with your dog. If there is a hole inside of the grass and it is not noted with a cone, nor is it corded off, you and your dog may take a tumble into the hole. Here is what you should do if you and your dog fall into a hole. 

Find out who owns the grounds

If you are in an apartment complex or in a neighborhood that you know, figuring out who is responsible for the grounds will be easy. In this case, you should get the name and phone number of the complex or the HOA so that you can report the incident. If you fall in a park, you will need to get the information of the owner of the park or the city if it is a city property in order to determine the responsible party. 

Speak with the individual or leave a message

If you and your dog fall into a hole and are hurt, it is important to call and warn the owner of the property about the issue. Being proactive earlier will help others not to be hurt by the same hole, and it is also good proof to help your personal injury claim. Be sure to state the time and date that you and your dog were injured. 

Get your dog to the vet immediately

Dogs' bodies are made different than humans' and therefore their injuries can feel differently. Even if your body is not seriously injured, you should still take your dog to the vet immediately. If your dog has any broken bones, fractures, or issues with their joints and spines, they may need immediate treatment. Save all of the bills for your personal injury attorney to sort through during your case. Dog injuries that are allowed to continue can cause major problems for your pet's mobility down the line. 

File a personal injury suit for you and your pet

If you and your pet are injured due to a hole, you have the right to sue the owner. As long as the walk happened on property that you and your pet were permitted to be on, you can seek damages. Since your pet is technically property, you can sue for damages that you incurred due to the harm of the pet. Your personal injury lawyer can help you to determine the extent of your damage and how much you and your pet can receive.