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2 Reasons To Hire A Product Claim Attorney

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If you have had a problem with a defective product, then you might have a case to bring a product liability lawsuit. For example, you can sue for damages if you have been hurt in an accident caused by a problem with the product.

You shouldn't typically handle this kind of case yourself but should use a specialist attorney. How can an attorney help you win your case?

1. Establish the Product's Fault Category

If a defective product caused an injury or damage, then you might assume that you will sue the company that sold the product. However, this isn't always the case.

To win this kind of case, you first have to establish the source of the defect. In some cases, this is down to a manufacturing problem. For example, if the company making the product used unsafe materials during the production process, then your defect has a manufacturing cause.

However, if the flaw happened earlier in the product's lifecycle, say in the design stage, then your case is likely to be against the product's designer. You can't necessarily just sue the manufacturer for negligence if they weren't responsible for it.

You might not know who was responsible for your accident or damage at this stage. An experienced product claim attorney can drill down into the problem and establish where the fault lies. You have a better chance of winning your case if you sue the right people.

2. Manage the Burden of Proof Requirements

When you start a defective product lawsuit, you have to prove that the product was defective. You have to meet the burden of proof standards to show that the product caused your problem.

So, for example, you might have to prove that you used the product correctly and according to the instructions it came with. You might have to prove that it had a defect when you purchased it and that this defect caused injury or damage.

The company you sue will have its own experts who will try to disprove your claim. You need your own legal specialists and expert witnesses to help during this process. If you don't have experience with how the burden of proof process works, then you aren't likely to win your case.

A product claim attorney ensures that you are fully primed for this part of your case. They will bring in expert witnesses who will back up your claim. They will provide a legal defense that counteracts the legal team who work to win the case for the people or company you are suing.

To find out more about the claims process and your chances of success, talk to a product claim attorney.