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Should You Hire A Lawyer After A Dog Bite Incident?

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Dogs are known to be friendly and harmless pets. However, sometimes they go out of the norm and bite people because they feel threatened or are trying to protect their territories. 

A dog bite incident not only causes physical harm but emotional distress too. Additionally, you may have to undergo expensive medical procedures such as reconstructive surgery to recover from the injuries fully.

For these reasons, you deserve rightful compensation after a dog bite. However, it's not easy to negotiate with insurance companies or navigate the justice system for fair compensation when you don't have legal expertise. Fortunately, you can hire a dog bite lawyer to assist you.

If a dog has bitten you or your loved one, read on to learn why you should hire a lawyer. 

They Follow Up With The Insurance Company on Your Behalf

There are procedures you need to follow for the dog owner's insurance company to compensate you after a dog bite incident. However, handling everything alone can take a toll on you, especially if you are still recovering from the injuries. A personal injury lawyer helps you follow all the procedures professionally while you focus on recovery. 

They investigate how the incident occurred and prove that the dog's owner or another party is at fault. After that, they write a demand letter to the insurance company and state why you deserve a settlement. 

In addition, they negotiate with the company for maximum compensation and may provide more evidence in case of a dispute.

They Help You Get the Rightful Compensation

A dog bite attorney can help you get your rightful compensation from the dog owner's insurance company. This compensation includes the money you have already spent on treatment and the cost of any future treatment you may require due to the incident. 

Also, if you miss work due to bite injuries, a personal injury attorney can help you get compensation for the lost income. 

They Help You File a Lawsuit

If the insurance company refuses to settle your claim fairly, a dog bite lawyer will file a lawsuit on your behalf. These attorneys understand all legal laws about dog bites and will advise you accordingly and fight for your rights.

After filing a lawsuit, the lawyer has to prove that you got injuries from a dog bite and that the dog owner should take responsibility for the damages. 

In cases where the dog's owner tries to defend against liability, a dog bite lawyer will collect and present evidence to help you get fair compensation.

Contact a dog bite lawyer to learn more.