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3 Surgical Errors That Deserve Compensation

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A surgical operation should save a patient's life and relieve them of pain and suffering. In most cases, surgery is recommended only for emergencies and life-threatening conditions. Even so, it's not uncommon to find a physician recommending an unnecessary surgical procedure. Unfortunately, such an error can be the genesis of other health complications. When faced with such a situation, you may consider filing a claim and pursuing justice for undergoing unnecessary pain and suffering. A personal injury lawyer will help pursue compensation for the following surgical errors.

The Surgeon Misdiagnosed Your Condition

Your surgeon should skillfully examine your test results to determine whether your condition requires surgery. Unfortunately, they might review your records hurriedly, misinterpreting some details. For example, they might confuse a detail on your X-ray with a growth or a tumor. As a result, they'll schedule a surgery only to find no growth or tumor in your body. In this case, you can sue the doctor for making you undergo an unnecessary procedure. Your lawyer will find a professional medical specialist to translate the medical records accurately and disapprove of the surgery performed by the negligent doctor.

The Caregivers Did Not Provide the Necessary Services

Essentially, you should remain in the hospital for several days or weeks after surgery so that your doctors can monitor your progress. During hospitalization, the caregivers should provide you with special care to prevent additional complications and ensure that you recover within the recommended time. Unfortunately, the nurses may slack in their duty of care and fail to undertake some post-surgery services. Their negligent actions can expose you to hospital-acquired infections. In this case, your legal advisor will investigate the incident to unearth the individual who failed in their duty. Then, they'll file a claim against them.

The Surgery Caused Serious Complications

An unnecessary surgical operation will likely cause additional complications. For example, some people fail to respond to anesthesia in subsequent surgeries, while others suffer permanent organ damage. Since these complications would mean a prolonged hospital stay and escalating medical bills, you might want to pursue compensation. A comprehensive investigation by your attorney is essential when faced with this situation. They will determine all the complications you have suffered as a result of the procedure. After that, your attorney calculates the resulting damages and the money needed to rectify the condition. 

The three situations above are punishable by personal injury law. Besides that, you deserve compensation if you fall victim to any of them. A medical malpractice attorney can help you navigate the legal avenues of seeking compensation in any of these situations.