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Examples Of Work-Related Injuries That Qualify For Compensation

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Although most employers strive to keep their employees safe as they work, accidents still happen. When they do, it is up to the employee to seek justice for all injuries and damages sustained. 

But note that not all injuries are eligible for compensation even if they relate to your work in one way or another. For example, your employer is not liable for an accident you encounter while commuting to work. Instead, the driver who caused the accident should compensate you.

But if you encounter an accident on your way to an official meeting, your employer should take the liability for the matter. You need guidance from a work-related injury lawyer when filling the claim due to the complexity of such cases. Take a look at other work-related injuries eligible for compensation. 

Overstraining of Muscles 

Tasks involving manual lifting, pushing, throwing, or carrying heavy objects, usually exert lots of pressure on your muscles. Over time, they can cause long-term injuries. Such injuries are common in work environments where workers lack proper training to carry out these jobs.

Besides, workers who lack sufficient breaks between tasks tend to suffer muscle strains. If you experience pain after work, it's advisable to see a doctor before the situation worsens. Additionally, talk to a work-related injury lawyer to pursue compensation from your employer. 

Injured by a Worker or Equipment

You can also suffer an injury due to an action by your fellow worker or equipment operations. They include head injuries, bone fractures, and disjointed fingers or limbs. Again, you'll need the assistance of a lawyer to piece together the evidence and present it before the insurer.

Car Crash or Collisions

Auto accidents happen at work, especially in warehouses where heavy machinery such as forklifts and cranes are commonly used. Such accidents include being run over, falling off a moving machine, or getting stuck under an overturned vehicle. 

While working in such an environment, it is crucial to be vigilant by wearing your seatbelt and following all safety rules laid by your employer. But if you get injured for reasons beyond your control, consult a work-related injury lawyer to seek compensation. 

Fire Breakouts or Explosions

Fires break out due to various reasons, such as faulty wiring. In some cases, a fire can cause severe burns among the employees. As a result, a victim can suffer respiratory damages and permanent disfigurement. In this case, you can sue the management for their negligence in curtailing such an incident. 

If you fall victim to any of the injuries above, a work-related injury lawyer can help you navigate the legal processes involved. In addition, they will do everything on your behalf, enabling you to seek quality medical care.