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What To Expect From A Car Accident Lawyer

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An auto accident case might seem very straightforward. If you believe that the other driver is at fault, you can simply file a claim with their insurance provider and you can then expect to receive compensation for your injuries. However, it is often not that simple and you are better off speaking to an auto accident attorney at least once. Here's what to expect.

Your Initial Consultation with a Lawyer

A car accident attorney is a specialist in car accidents and represents clients who wish to pursue a settlement from an auto insurance provider, file a lawsuit against a negligent motorist, or take any number of other legal actions.

In many cases, an auto accident injury lawyer will be willing to offer you a free consultation. You will then be able to determine whether it's a good idea to take legal action or whether it is better to have your insurance providers cover your car damages and medical bills.

The Role of Your Lawyer

The lawyer will communicate with the other driver involved in the accident and their insurance provider. Then, you can focus on your recovery while your lawyer does their job. Your lawyer will obtain evidence to prove that the other driver is at fault for the accident and will also gather evidence to prove that you suffered the damages that you are claiming.

An in-depth investigation of your car accident is important because some car accidents are more complicated than you might think. Your injuries might be more severe than you realize and you might be entitled to a large settlement. There might also be factors you were not aware of, such as evidence of distracted driving, that can be used to prove that the driver was liable for the accident.

There might also be multiple parties who are responsible for the accident. You will need a professional to investigate the cause of your accident to find out whether the manufacturer of your car, the other driver's car, or even the city that maintained the road is responsible for the accident.

The Role of an Expert Witness

While your lawyer is an expert in accident law, you will need help from an expert witness as well. Your attorney will be able to find relevant expert witnesses for you and may even work for a law firm that employs several expert witnesses full time who specialize in fields relevant to accident law.