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3 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Injury Attorney To Take Your Case

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Were you recently injured in an accident that wasn't your fault? Are you hoping to get compensation from your insurance company, but they're making the process more difficult than it needs to be? Contrary to what an insurance company might tell you, they exist primarily to make money for their shareholders. The more money they pay out on claims, the less money will go to the shareholders. Because of this, they try to deny as many invalid claims as possible. Unfortunately, this often means that they deny valid claims like yours. In order to get the money that you deserve, your best bet is going to be to hire an attorney to take your case. Some things that make this an attractive option include:

Better knowledge: Sometimes, an insurance company will tell you that they need to see a certain piece of paperwork and then they can get right on approving your claim. Once you've submitted this paperwork, it then turns out to be the incorrect paperwork and they actually need something else. Experienced personal injury attorneys have dealt with these types of situations before and will know the type of paperwork that is going to be expected before the insurance company actually asks for it.

Fewer missed appointments: After an accident, you often have a plethora of doctor's appointments that you need to go to in order to be able to fully recover. When you're trying to deal with the insurance company, you may wind up having to cancel or to postpone one or more of these appointments just to play phone tag with the insurance agents. Thankfully, personal injury attorneys will do all of this on your behalf. Once your attorney has all of the information, very little will be needed from you, aside from occasional calls or emails with updates on how the situation is progressing.

Nothing out of pocket: One of the biggest reasons why people resist hiring personal injury attorneys is because they are afraid of the expense and wonder how they'll ever be able to afford the legal help. But with this type of case, the attorney usually isn't going to be paid unless and until he or she is able to get a settlement from the insurance company. Once that settlement arrives, he or she will take a pre-agreed percentage of that settlement, usually around 1/3rd of the total. When choosing between getting 2/3rds of the settlement or the nothing that the insurance company currently wants to give you, it's easy to see why you should get an attorney.

For more information, contact a personal injury attorney in your area.