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Three Ways The Insurance Adjusters Are Working To Limit Your Settlement Amount

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When it comes to filing a claim for your car accident, you of course are going to want to receive a fair settlement. However, this is why so many people are advised to hire an auto accident attorney because insurance companies are only looking out for themselves and what will save them money. This includes your own insurance company. Here are three ways the insurance adjustors look to limit your settlement:

  1. Hit the Subjectivity: Any claim that is subjective will likely be targeted by an insurance adjustor, such as pain and suffering claims. An insurance adjustor is going to look at the claim without taking any considerations to your specific situation. For example, a pregnant woman might experience more pain and suffering than someone else, but that situation is not going to be considered by the insurance adjustor. On top of this, the insurance adjustor will attempt to link any pain and suffering claim to a pre-existing condition that is simply not their responsibility. This is where your auto accident attorney must step in to fight this and show proof that your pain and suffering is more than something to be written off by the adjustor. 
  2. Hit the Future Expenses: Compensation for future expenses is part of getting your settlement for the accident resolved. However, this is another area that insurance adjustors like to target because it's also a bit subjective. It's difficult to determine what exactly these future expenses might look like, including future earnings you are losing out on at work because of your need to stay home and recover. In this situation, your attorney will find expert witnesses to give expert testimony as to what your future expenses are looking like to prove that the additional compensation is actually needed. 
  3. Hit Unnecessary Medical Treatments: Finally, insurance adjustors like to target what is deemed to be seen as unnecessary medical treatment. For example, nowadays, most people see a chiropractor after enduring injuries from a car accident, however, this is still seen as an unnecessary treatment that the insurance does not want to pay for. However, with testimony from your doctor, it can be proven that it actually did help with your treatment and healing. 

These are three of the biggest ways insurance adjustors like to work to disprove cases. Fortunately, with the help of an auto accident attorney, it can all easily be shut down so that you have a higher chance of receiving fair compensation.