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3 Tips For Dealing With An Auto Insurance Adjuster

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Being involved in a car or motorcycle accident is a highly stressful time. With medical bills to pay for and a potential loss of earnings, dealing with an insurance company can be overwhelming for many people. If you plan on defending yourself against your insurer, there are a few things to remember when dealing directly with an adjuster:

Don't Allow the Adjuster to Dominate

Auto insurance adjusters can be particularly tricky people to deal with. Typically, insurance adjusters are judged on how much money they save a company when negotiating a claim, so they'll try to dominate proceedings to ensure you settle for less than you are truly entitled to.

Therefore, it's important to understand how auto insurance adjusters work so you can handle them accordingly. Most importantly, remember the adjuster's first offer will likely be a lowball to test how you respond. They will try to entice you into accepting the offer by controlling the negotiation and making you feel like your case is negligible. In the majority of cases, this isn't true, and you'll likely be in line for a higher payout if you hold fire and stand your ground.

Make Sure You Know Your Insurance Policy

When negotiating a claim on your own behalf, it's imperative you fully understand the fine details of your insurance policy. In addition to having a ballpark figure in mind for your claim, make sure you know the extent of your insurance coverage.

In many cases, claimants are unsure about their insurance coverage and expect a much higher payout than they are entitled to. For instance, if your bills are sitting at $20,000 but your insurance only covers the first $15,000, you will be fighting a losing battle trying to recoup all of your incurred costs. Therefore, knowing where you stand with the insurance company before negotiating with an insurance adjuster will save you major headaches down the line.

Furthermore, make sure you have a good idea of your insurance company's stance on liability for an accident. Particularly if you are representing yourself, insurance companies will try to take advantage of your naivety and will try to pin the entire fault of the accident on you. This is done so they can offer you a low offer and justify their reasoning, enticing you into accepting their settlement just to recoup some cost. Remember this is purely a tactic employed by the adjuster and fight your corner if you feel they are being unreasonable.

Stay Calm and Composed

With medical expenses creeping up and a vehicle that may be beyond repair, it's understandable that some people feel overwhelmed with the claims process and lash out in response. However, this will get you nowhere with an insurance adjuster – in fact, they will likely see this as a sign of desperation on your side and will pounce on the weakness.

When dealing with an auto insurance adjuster, you have to maintain a calm and neutral tone at all times. This will let the insurance company know that you fully understand your case and are willing to defend your rights at all costs. Doing so will allow you to remain stress-free throughout the claims process and will give you the best chance of securing the sizable settlement that you deserve.

Dealing directly with an auto insurance company can be overwhelming for many. If you're experiencing difficulty defending your case alone, speak to a qualified personal injury attorney who may be able to help you navigate the process better with sound legal advice, ensuring your rights are upheld and your case presented as clearly as possible.