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4 Archaic Types Of Equipment Workers' Compensation Lawyers Still Use

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If your lawyer's office houses long forgotten equipment, otherwise replaced by digital counterparts in other industries, do not write off that professional as stuck in the past. Lawyers, by nature, value information and equipment coming from the distant past. Even case law texts produced hundreds of years ago stay relevant if the information has not received an update since its creation. Given the chance, your lawyer will likely impress you with the finesse used to operate the following archaic items while preparing your workers' compensation case.

Fax Machine

With the advent of email many professionals left fax machines far behind in favor of this near instant, digital communication method. Law professionals, however, still cling firmly onto the fax machine due to its secure, reliable operation.

Although email usually tends to arrive promptly at its intended destination, the information stored inside each message is not safe from prying eyes. In fact, the information could accidentally end up in the wrong hands without any way to retrieve it. Furthermore, many court systems only accept confirmation of correspondence from fax document receipts, not email timestamps.

Law Books

Although more than 80% of law professionals have access to digital law library systems, many professionals still rely on bound paper books for information related to your workers' compensation case. Oftentimes, only the newest or recently updated laws end up file in the digital libraries. Unfortunately, lawyers may occasionally need to rely on centuries old case law to establish claims made in court. 

As a result, you may see nearly ancient law books stacked up on your lawyer's desk for quick reference to local laws pertaining to your injuries, claims or compensation term requests. Presenting specific incidences of case law can expedite your case outcome and win you a full compensation package to cover all of your pain and suffering, medical bills and lost wages.

Recording Device

Nearly any modern cell phone has the ability to record video or audio with the press of a button. Lawyers skip this form of recording due to the risk of hackers stealing the files from the phone itself or after uploading to a computer or external hard drive. 

In fact, lawyers may turn off their phone or deactivate the microphone during meetings to protect the details of your case falling into the wrong hands. To capture your meeting for later review, lawyers may simply use a microcassette tape recorder and have a secretary type out the contents on a typewriter or word processing program for immediate printing, not saving.

Paper Files

The digital age brought about the ability to store all of the firm's information digitally on either an onsite or offsite server. In an effort to streamline the case presentation process, lawyers keep an extensive number of paper files for each client on hand at all times.

After all, even with the ease of accessing digital files when the system works correctly, server access could fail at inopportune times. Strict court proceeding schedules do not allow for waiting on files to appear in the right folder. At that point, your lawyer's only option would involve filing a continuance, which could delay your workers' compensation case and potentially impact your ability to cover medical bills and living expenses while recovering.

Reviewing Results

The way your lawyer completes the task at hand does not matter nearly as much as the results you see. If you do not understand the methods used to prepare your case, simply ask your lawyer for the reasons behind the actions. Your lawyer will be able to shed light on the importance of doing the task in that particular way rather than an updated method. You can rest assured that your lawyer will always focus on obtaining the best case outcome by using the most suitable tool for the job. You may even pick up a few ways to keep your information secure or easily accessible by observing your lawyer in action.

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